RV Air Filter
AC-135C Carbon Filter

RV Air Filter
AC-135C Carbon Filter

When you hit the open road, you’re greeted by a world of sights and sounds and smells, and while most of the time, those adventures are rosy, unpleasant odors can strike, and often in your RV. Chalk it up to pet companions, drifting campfires, cigarette smoke and more. RV Air is proud to release its all-NEW activated carbon air filters. Designed specifically for your RV air conditioner, these filters are highly effective at capturing odors thanks to the charcoal’s millions of tiny, porous cells.

This filter is 16” L x 4” W x 1.25” D. Fits 16” x  4” Coleman-Mach non-ducted and ducted (ChillGrille) grill assemblies, or AC units with matching filter dimensions.




  • Carbon by itself is a powerful adsorbing agent. That’s adsorb with a “d.” (In absorption — with a “b” — foreign particles are drawn into something, whether it’s a solid material or a liquid. In adsorbtion, foreign particles adhere to the surface of the adsorbing agent.
  • The more surface area that a carbon particle has, the more it can convince impurities to stick to it. Activated carbon has a larger surface area to bond with odors because it is porous.

These charcoal air conditioner filters are also a great barrier against airborne contaminants, like pollen, dust, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander and other allergens. Our MERV 6 patented filter system cleans the air before it gets into your RV’s air conditioner, capturing particles as small as three to 10 microns.

CAN THEY BE WASHED OR RINSED?  No. When it comes time to replace your filters, order new ones. These filters, especially RV Air filters, are meant to catch the airborne contaminants circulating in a confined space. RV Air lab reports show that the amount of dead skin captured by this specialized filter was extremely elevated. Not only do you want to avoid handling this kind of Petri dish, but the RV Air filter cannot be exposed to water as it would wash away the tackifier, which holds the filter together. Depending on the amount of use and locations traveled in your RV, we recommend replacing RV Air AC filters after 90 days of continuous use or every year, whichever comes first. Order a few so you’ll always be ready to replace on the road.

CAN YOU SHIP MY FILTER TO AN RV SITE? We can ship to any RV site where mail can be delivered.

16” L x 4” W x 1.25”


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Weight .325 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 4 × .75 in
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Single Pack (2 Filters), Double Pack (4 Filters)