Made in the USA, RV Air’s filter system is the only RV air filter that captures dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and other allergens before it enters your RV’s air conditioner. 

RV Air offers a variety of filters that are compatible with name-brand RV air conditioners but far surpass the typical stock filter equipped in these units. 

The thin foam air filter on your RV is only designed to keep debris out of the cooling unit, not out of your interior. In fact, these filters, which utilize a thin black polypropylene filter, often found in hair dryers, do little to nothing to help purify the air you’re breathing. Meanwhile, every RV Air filter features 40 layers of unwoven polyester; each layer is sprayed with an anti-microbial tackifier to capture microscopic particles as small as 3-10 microns to capture contaminants.

Installation is easy. Just attach the filter case over the intake vent of your RV air conditioner, using the two-sided tape included in the package. When the filter gets dirty, simply replace it.

We don’t suggest “cleaning” your filter, like some RV maintenance lists suggest. These filters, especially RV Air filters, are meant to catch the contaminants circulating in a confined space, which should not be handled. Additionally, the RV Air filter should not be exposed to water as it would wash away the tackifier that holds the filter together.

Yes! The RV Air Filter is 100% recyclable, and in fact, RV Air Filters are made out of recycled materials.

RV Air is available online at RVAir.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com and CampingWorld.com. Our filters can also be found at your local Walmart and Camping World stores. Find your Filter Fit, then buy online or use our Retail Locator to find your nearest store.

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