RV Air Filter AC-101G

RV Air Filter AC-101G

14” x 6” Coleman-Mach Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

This RV Air Filter fits 14” x 6” Coleman-Mach AC grill assemblies or AC units with matching RV air filter dimensions. The 101G Coleman RV air conditioner filter is 13.5” L x 6” W x .75” D.


Length: 13.5 inches, width: 6 inches, .75 inches deep.



We only sell pre-air filters for RVs, so our product line is very easy to navigate. Having experienced life without a pre-filter in our RV’s many AC units, we discovered the need for an air filter that would work for those with sensitivity to allergies. To that effect we have the following:

A single pre-filter, good if you have a small RV or if you are unsure of its efficiency and want to test out our pre-filter.

If you want to take the leap and get your RV’s AC unit in top-working condition than you can purchase our 2 pack of pre-filters. This is a better value and for those RV owners with four or more ac units in them, this becomes a very economical price.

CAN THEY BE WASHED OR RINSED?  No, when it comes time to replace the filters, order new ones. You’ll be shocked how much is in those dirty filters. If they get wet, the dust build-up deep inside the filter will dry up and turn into a clump of mud, which is very bad for your AC unit. We can ship to any RV site where mail can be delivered.

Filter Dimensions

Length: 13.5 inches, width: 6 inches, .75 inches deep.

Additional information

Weight .325 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 6 × 1.25 in