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rv-air-conditioning-filter-fresh-airIn 2014, Eddie Rice and his wife Rose spent the summer exploring the southwest United States. While driving through the dusty, barren west Texas desert, Rose began having severe allergy attacks, which lasted the rest of the trip. Sure enough, when Eddie checked the flimsy foam filter on his RV’s air conditioner, it was filthy with grime, dust, dirt and debris. No wonder Rose was having such a hard time breathing. “I just need to get a better filter,” he thought. Problem was, nobody made a better filter. After contacting several AC manufacturers, he learned they designed their filters to keep dirt and debris out of the AC unit, but not out of the interior of the RV. And so, in the grand tradition of American entrepreneurialism, and relying on decades of experience gained in his family’s machine shop, Eddie decided to make his own.

Creating the Best RV Filter

Eddie spent well over a year testing, testing and retesting a variety of materials and designs. And while they outperformed the air conditioner’s stock filter, they still weren’t delivering the results he wanted. His “Eureka!” moment finally came when he began experimenting with a blend of unwoven polyester. The layers of unwoven polyester, along with the special adhesive that bonds them together, created the barrier against airborne contaminants he’d been searching for.

The question of where to install the filter was next. Instead of placing the filter inside the air conditioner, Eddie decided to mount it over the interior air intake vent. Not only did this create an extra layer of protection for the RV’s AC unit, it also made it much easier to install and replace when the filter gets dirty.

Today, Eddie is excited and proud to share his new filter with America’s nine million RV owners, people who love the RV lifestyle as much as he and Rose do.

"If you love the RV lifestyle, you’re going to love RV Air."
—Eddie Rice

Clean Air Inside Your RV is Nothing To Sneeze At

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